Protect Your Child at Every Age

Immunizations have had an enormous impact on improving the health of children in the United States. Most parents today have never seen first-hand the devastating consequences that vaccine-preventable diseases have on a family or our community. While these diseases are not common in the U.S., they persist around the world. It is important that we protect our children with vaccines because outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases can and do occasionally occur in this country. Click on your child’s age group for a vaccine schedule to help you stay on track.

Birth through 6 years

7 through 18 years

Don’t forget: Adults need vaccinations too.

Every year thousands of adults in the U.S. still suffer serious illness, are hospitalized, and even die due to diseases for which vaccines are available. Even if you were fully vaccinated as a child, the protection from some vaccines you received can wear off. You may also be at risk for other disease due to your job, lifestyle, travel, or health conditions. Find out what vaccines you may need based on different risk factors:

Adults 19 years and older