Falls-related injuries and deaths are quickly becoming a national epidemic.

  • Over 30% of Older Adults fall each year. (Hausdorf, 2001)
  • Most common cause of nonfatal injuries and injury related death in older adults (CDC, 2009)
  • In 2005, 15,800 people >65 died from fall injuries
  • Over 1.8 million > 65 treated in ER
  • > 433,000 hospitalized

Barren River District

Did you know in the Barren River District there were 382 falls in the older adult population resulting in an average hospital charge of $30,224.62 in 2011? Listed below are items that can help prevent falls and keep older adults healthy and in their homes longer.

  • Floor treatments like “Shark Grip” or slip resistant mats for the shower to prevent falls
  • Socks with grippers
  • Bath – rails with installation provided
  • Pull up rails for the bed
  • Canes or walkers
  • Crossword puzzles (for mental acuity)
  • Physical activity

Data source: Kentucky inpatient hospitalization visit data (2010-2012 provisional), Office of Health Policy, Kentucky Injury Prevention & Research Center

Click here to see all falls prevention data.

Community Outreach

Barren River Healthy Safe Aging Coalition (BRHASAC)

Mission: To increase the health and safety for senior adults within the Barren River District.

Vision: Creating the safest and most health friendly community for seniors.

The purpose of the BRHASAC coalition is to increase the network, establish collaboration, provide resources, and foster community support. Members are not asked to provide certain duties, but rather make suggestions and volunteer resources to improve the developments and outreach of the coalition.

For more information please contact Elisha Delawson at 270-781-8039 ext. 189 or email Elisha.delawason@barrenriverhealth.org.

Kentucky’s Healthy & Safe Aging Resources



The National Safety Council – Safe Communities

Kentucky Injury Prevention & Research Center (KIPRC)


The City of Bowling Green, Kentucky

Barren River Area Development District

For more information call: (270) 781-8039.