The Barren River District Health Department provides group health education and health promotion activities targeted toward the general population. Program topics in this area include: personal safety and injury prevention, stress management, fitness, nutrition, healthy aging, smoking cessation, sexually transmitted infections, Asthma, cardiovascular disease, dental education, CPR and First Aid, blood borne pathogens training and HIV/AIDS education for both the general public and for health professionals.

Community Projects

The health education staff works with community partners to plan, facilitate, and evaluate evidence-based strategies that are relevant to the communities they cover. Typical activities for team members include: media interviews,  facilitating meetings and professional education programs; gathering data on health issues;  planning and organizing community events with community partners; coalition building; and providing the latest health related information through health fairs, physicians and dentists offices, and any public gathering facility.

Target populations for projects vary and are ever-changing. Some examples of activities and strategies are described below: