Community Diabetes Education Program

Our Community Diabetes Education group programs are for all age groups and are free to participants. These programs include:

  • Comprehensive diabetes education classes for persons with diabetes and their family members. This is a complete series of classes that teach a variety of self-management techniques. Our comprehensive classes meet the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support 2012 guidelines and are highly recommended to help people with diabetes learn how to care for their disease.
  • Nutrition and Diabetes “Basics” classes are shorter, one-session diabetes classes for those whose schedules don’t permit attending the comprehensive class series. These sessions teach the basic building blocks of diabetes self-care and nutrition recommendations.
  • Monthly diabetes education support groups in Barren, Logan, Metcalfe, and Simpson Counties.
  • Professional development classes for health care professionals.
  • Special educational events, such as Diabetes Days Out.

To register for any diabetes event email Holly Haynes or call 1-877-641-5822 ext. 136.

Community Health Management Program

The community health management (CHM) program is a free home visiting program for people with chronic health problems like diabetes, COPD, and heart disease.  A community health worker will visit clients’ homes each month and follow up between visits with phone calls.

Community health workers can help clients:

  • Understand doctors’ instructions and what to do to stay healthy
  • Make and keep appointments
  • Find needed resources for better health
  • Understand medicines and how to take them
  • Talk with doctors and other members of the health care team

Most of all, community health workers provide encouragement and empower clients to take better care of their health.

For more information about the Community Health Worker program, contact Diane Sprowl at 270-781-8039 ext. 157.

Individual Nutrition Counseling

This service may also be called Medical Nutrition Therapy or MNT.  A registered dietician meets one-on-one with the person with diabetes and goes over their current eating habits to see how they can work their favorite foods into a healthy meal plan. Insurance is billed or the fee is based on a sliding scale according to income for the uninsured. To make an appointment, call your local health department, and be sure to tell them that you have diabetes.

Healthy Hart Coalition

Coalitions are community-based groups of individuals and representatives from local organizations, which work on diabetes prevention, healthy lifestyles, and diabetes awareness/early detection of diabetes. For more information on the Healthy Hart Coalition in Hart county please contact Melissa Waldron, BS at 270-781-8039 ext. 130.

Prevent T2: Diabetes Prevention Program

Prevent T2 is a research based National Diabetes Prevention Program. This lifestyle change program led by the CDC is a proven way to delay or prevent type 2 diabetes. For questions or information on how you can get started, contact Melissa Waldron by email or by phone at 270-781-8039 ext. 130 or 1-877-641-5822 ext. 130

Click here to see our Prevent T2 page.

Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention

Community Nutrition Program